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Specializing in the High Line E-Personality application
Human Resources / Payroll / Employee Self Service

We have 17 years of E-Personality experience, covering a wide variety of private and public clients, ranging in size from 300 to over 12000 employees, in both the U.S. and Canada.

We can assist the EP customer at any juncture...from the initial implementation through go-live, and then onward with day to day processes and reporting needs.

Our services comprise of data conversion, application configurations, user calcs, interfaces, custom processes, reporting, re-evaluations, and training.

  • We can support your implementation team with configuration knowledge and best business practice for the EP system.
  • We can reduce your initial workload in creating interfaces and reports.
  • We can re-evaluate your initial go-live processes and assist with EP changes for Business Direction or Organizational Structure.
  • We can train your staff with Discoverer Reporting, User Calculations, and Interfaces.

Ongoing assistance for established EP Customers

While EP and Discoverer are both robust applications, there are inherent deficiencies in each:

    Are you frustrated with the inability to report your data (it's there, just can't get it)?
  • Are you having to manually upload payroll data, because you need to create Interfaces and don't know where to start?
  • Would you like to take advantage of EP Work Flow capabilities to reduce manual entries and staff work?
  • How comfortable are you in building and modifying EP User Calculations?
  • Are you entering manual transactions into your financial system because of reporting and extract limitations?

We understand these problems, and have developed solutions. Our focus is to save you time and money by maximizing your Discoverer reporting capabilities, building EP extract interfaces, and automating manual HR and PR processes.

Please contact us for more information.